Our Mission

Caney Creek Church is a non-denominational church whose mission is to proclaim the message of the saving grace of Jesus Christ to a lost world, and to teach and disciple all Christians so that they may discover and use their spiritual gift(s) for the edification of the church and the advancement of the Kingdom of God on earth.

Statement of Faith

We believe that the 66 books constituting the Old and New Testaments of the Bible are the inspired Word of God, and inerrant in the original text, and are the supreme and final authority of faith and action. The Bible is the very Word of God. We cannot accept the misleading statement: "The Bible contains the Word of God."

We believe there is one true God, eternally existing in three persons - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit - each of whom possesses equally all the attributes of Deity.

We believe in the deity of our Lord Jesus Christ, in His virgin birth, in His humanity, in His sinless life, in His miracles, in His vicarious and atoning death through His shed blood, in His bodily resurrection, in His ascension to the right hand of the Father, and in His personal return in power and glory.

We believe that the shed blood of Jesus Christ and His Resurrection provide the only ground for justification and salvation for all who believe, apart from any merit of our own, and only those who receive Jesus Christ are born of the Holy Spirit and thus become children of God.

We believe that the baptism of the Holy Spirit takes place at the time of conversion, and is the act of placing the believer into the body of Christ.

We believe each Christian is commanded to be filled with the Holy Spirit and thus obtain the means by which one overcomes sin and receives the power to live a life pleasing to God. To be filled with the Spirit is an on going process that may occur at any time in the believer's life.

We believe each person who receives Christ as Savior and Lord is given spiritual gift(s) and has the responsibility to exercise these gifts for the edification of the church and the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

We believe in the resurrection of both the saved and the lost. They that are saved unto resurrection of life, and they that are lost unto everlasting conscious punishment.

We believe that all who confess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior are part of the universal Body of Christ, the true church.

Marriage Statement

Caney Creek Church defines marriage as the permanent, exclusive, comprehensive, and conjugal “one flesh” union of one man and one woman, intrinsically ordered to procreation and biological family, for the furtherance of companionship and mutual pleasure, and in furtherance of the moral, spiritual, and public good of binding father, mother, and child. Consequently, no marriage ceremony in our facility shall be conducted by any of our pastors or other officiant other than a marriage between one man and one woman.

Jesus said, “Have you not read, that He who created them from the beginning made them male and female, and said, For this cause a man shall leave his father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife; and the two shall become one flesh”? Matthew 19:4-5 (NASB)

Human Sexuality Statement

Caney Creek Church believes that Holy Scripture grants two life-enhancing options for human sexual behavior: (1) the conjugal “one flesh” marital union of one man and one woman, and (2) celibacy. Either is a gift from God, given as He wills for His glory and the good of those who receive and rejoice in His gift to them. Celibacy and faithful singleness is to be celebrated and affirmed within the Caney Creek Church.

Caney Creek Church believes that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God and should seek redemption through confession, repentance, and faith in Jesus Christ. Consequently, Caney Creek Church members must welcome and treat with respect, compassion, and sensitivity all who experience same-sex attractions or confess sexually immoral acts but are committed to resisting sexual temptation, refraining from sexual immorality, and conforming their behavior to Caney Creek Church Statement of Faith relative to sexuality.

Our restroom facilities are designed for and meant for the use of persons according to the unambiguous sex at their birth.

Abortion Statement

We believe that God has created mankind in His image and that human life begins at fertilization. God, in his infinite sovereignty, uniquely formed human beings and gave them a special dignity, personal freedom, and individual accountability among all the works of creation. God created each person’s inmost being, knitting people together in their mother’s womb (Psalm 139:13). As God’s individualized and personal creation, each person is fearfully and wonderfully made. Because human life begins at the moment of fertilization, it is against our religious and moral conviction to formally or materially cooperate in the termination of unborn human life except in the very rare circumstance where the mother’s life is in danger. It must be pointed out here that this developing baby is a separate but dependent new life with its own chromosomal pattern and at no stage of development can be considered as an appendage or part of the mother's own body.

Facility Use Statement

All property and facilities (including furniture, fixtures, and equipment) of Caney Creek Church are to be used at the discretion of Caney Creek church to further the gospel of Jesus Christ and promote goodwill in accordance with his teachings regardless of the location of the facility. (Colossians 3:17). Facilities of Caney Creek Church are consecrated to our religious ministry and mission because they are a provision from God. Use of property of Caney Creek Church shall be for the propagation of the Christian faith, for fellowship, witnessing, religious teaching, and charity. Therefore, all use and occupancy of Caney Creek Church property shall be limited to persons of our particular religion, the propagation of religion, or related religious purposes.

All activities on church property must cohere with the religious purpose of Caney Creek Church and further its Christian mission, whether the activity has an overt liturgical religious purpose (preaching, worship services, Bible instruction, communion, baptism) or a non-liturgical religious purpose (social service, mentorship, community service, benevolence, charity, schools). Caney Creek Church conducts all activities in order to advance or express its Christian mission, message and viewpoint. Church facility use shall be exclusively conditioned on whether the use promotes Caney Creek Church’s mission, message and viewpoint, as all facility usage is an opportunity to glorify God.

Loving God. Loving People.